Learning Tools and Assistive Technology for Canadian Students and Professionals

Secrest is based in Vancouver, BC. We ship our products across Canada.

Welcome to Secrest.ca!

Secrest Resources is a family-owned Canadian company that has been supplying learning and assistive technology products to individuals, schools and other organizations for over a decade. Our software and hardware products are consistently effective, reliable, and cost-competitive.

About Secrest

Secrest Resources has distributed a select line of learning and assistive technology products since 1994. We specialize in innovative hardware and software products, including keyboards, scanning pens and notetaking software, for use in the classroom and in particular for students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, or written output challenges. These tools can also offer an ideal solution for students, writers, researchers and teachers who wish to ease the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. At Secrest, we take great care in the selection process to ensure that our products are effective, reliable and cost-competitive. Our website, Secrest.ca, has been online for over 10 years, providing detailed descriptions of all our products. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Featured Products
C-PEN ReaderPen - C$330.00
Portable, pocket-sized scanning pen that reads text out aloud with a human-like digital voice. ReaderPen promotes independent learning for students suffering from reading difficulties such as dyslexia
Notetaking Bundle - C$399.00
Includes Audio Notetaker, the visual and interactive notetaking software from Sonocent, and the Samson Go Mic. Perfect for recording lectures for conversion into structured notes.
Livescribe Aegir Smartpen - C$133.00
The Aegir is Lightscribe's lightest and slimmest smartpen. Digitize your handwritten notes effortlessly - the Aegir pen uses Bluetooth to sync data with mobile devices.