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Inspiration 9 Software (download)


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Inspiration 9 is a powerful learning tool that utilizes visual learning techniques to inspire idea development and organized thinking. Users can easily create diagrams, idea webs, and mind maps to visually express their ideas and concepts. Labelled symbols are used in the diagram to represent these ideas. The user links these symbols logically and moves them around as the creative process evolves.

In addition to the diagram view, the program incorporates an outlining view that converts the users' diagram into a written outline. This outline can then be used to form the foundation for a written project. Information added to the diagram - including labels, links, and notes - is transferred to the outline. The completed outline can be used as a guide, or it can be cut and pasted into a word processor where the user completes the writing process.

Inspiration's new one-click transfer instantly moves students' work to their favorite word processor. After working in Inspiration to brainstorm, organize and outline, students then use Microsoft Word or AppleWorks to finish the writing process and prepare their paper for publication.

Features and Benefits

Inspiration 9 provides excellent support for users who struggle with written expression and organization. Free from the anxiety and frustration of trying to write down complex concepts, users are able to use the diagram view to easily brainstorm ideas and organize them visually. This organized visual structure makes it easier to recognize gaps in the information and stimulates the addition of further ideas and details.

The resulting outline allows the user to more easily tackle the difficult process of formulating the structure of the written work. More importantly, using the user's own words and structure - taken from the diagram - the outline provides the user with a tremendous boost in the writing process. The structure, key words, and concepts are already automatically included in the outline. The user can then complete the writing process by transforming the points in the outline into complete sentences, paragraphs, etc.


Inspiration 9 includes a large number of templates that provide pre-structured diagrams. These are suitable for a wide range of projects and assignments. The user draws upon their knowledge of the subject to fill in information on the diagram. Thorough instructions are added to the diagram to guide the user through this process. Once the diagram has been completed, the Outline View provides an organized outline of the concepts in a form that is appropriate.

For Teachers

Teachers find Inspiration to be an invaluable tool in representing concepts to students who have difficulty with verbal or written instructional materials. Graphic representation helps to clarify difficult concepts.


Inspiration also includes an extensive palette of symbols that can help to represent the users' ideas. These symbols are fun to use and they help to strengthen the visual meaning of the diagram, especially for those who might have difficulty with reading text labels

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

A link to download the software will be available following purchase, and an activation code will be sent with the Order Confirmation email.

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