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The ReadingPen from Wizcom is a portable, hand-held scanning device that is designed to provide assistance to people with reading difficulties or learning disabilities such as dyslexia. It provides them with immediate word support while they are reading printed text and helps them read and understand independently.

The user glides the Pen over words that are not understood. Immediately, the word is displayed in large font on the Pen's screen and is spoken out loud. If the user still does not recognize and understand the word, its definition can be viewed on the Pen's screen and spoken out loud. Words within the definitions can also be defined.

The ReadingPen Basic Edition is an assistive reading device that is designed specifically for school-age reading levels. Featuring the American Heritage Children's Dictionary and Children's Thesaurus, it provides a simple and easy way for students with reading difficulties to get immediate word support when they are reading.

The Advanced Edition contains over 500,000 words from the American Heritage College Dictionary, 4th Edition and Roget's II The New Thesaurus.

Detailed Features & Specifications

Scan: Scans single words or full lines of text in seconds.

See: Displays dictionary and Thesaurus entries. Also displays syllable breaks. Words are highlighted on the LCD screen as they are spoken for easy following.

Hear: Reads and spells aloud scanned words, lines of text, definitions and Thesaurus entries through the integrated speaker or headphones.

Define: Defines words within the definition (cross reference) for added clarity.

Test Mode: Allows access to the dictionary and Thesaurus to be blocked for use during exams.

Store: Retains a history of the last 80 words scanned for easy review.

Voice: The product's built-in Text-to-Speech technology provides immediate word-by-word pronunciation of a scanned word, definitions or full line of text. The included earphones or most headphones may be used for privacy.

Text Recognition: The ReadingPen reads a wide range of printed fonts and sizes (6-22 points), including inverted text.

Left-handed Support: If you're left-handed, the ReadingPen can be set for left- or right-handed use.

Ergonomic and Lightweight: Weighing only 3oz, the ReadingPen is totally portable - use it anywhere, anytime - in class, in the library, outside, or at home.


With the purchase of the Memory Extension Kit, add on InfoScan capabilities to scan and store printed text or Quicktionary II translation capability and access your choice of more than 16 language dictionaries. Image and bar-code scanning applications are available from the Wizcom website.

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