ReadingPen TS



A portable learning tool designed for students of a second-language as well as for children and adults with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia). The ReadingPen TS from Wizcom is the perfect solution for increasing reading autonomy and fluency, and enhancing text comprehension.

You can easily scan text or insert it using the touch screen and virtual keyboard, hear it spoken aloud and obtain definition, translation, spelling, syllabication and correct pronunciation within seconds. All looked-up words can be transferred to the PC for further practice. Text can also be uploaded from the PC onto this fully mobile, lightweight Pen, and can be read aloud wherever you are.

  • Take the ReadingPen TS anywhere you go. This small, portable, handheld device is designed to fit in your pocket and assist you anywhere you go
  • Navigate easily with the icon-based menus and use the virtual keyboard to manually insert words or to edit scanned text
  • Set the dictionaries and thesauri to suit your level
  • Listen to words, lines or paragraphs spoken aloud in English
  • See and hear definitions and synonyms of scanned or inserted text
  • One touch transfer between English definition, English synonyms and Spanish translation
  • Play word games to improve vocabulary
  • Build your personal word list and send them to your PC for later use
  • Scan your homework, tests and instructions into your ReadingPen TS for read-back/definitions
  • Dictionaries: American Heritage (Children’s Dictionary, Children’s Thesaurus, College Dictionary, Roget’s II) + English-Spanish Dictionary

New Features

  • Touch screen interface – using a stylus, you have quick access to all functions directly from menu screen.
  • Virtual keyboard – look up words that cannot be scanned.
  • Educational word games – Wordman and Word Scramble – for vocabulary practice.
  • PC USB Connection – upload Word History (80 words) to PC as text file, or, download text files onto the Pen (test questions, directions, etc)

Additional Features

  • Displays up to 5 lines of text on a high resolution touch-screen
  • Large display of scanned line
  • Reads words, lines or paragraphs aloud
  • Spells-out the scanned word, letter by letter
  • Provides direct look-up of idioms/phrases
  • Provides syllabication
  • Provides audio word pronunciation (American pronunciation) with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology using built-in speaker or earphones
  • Contains AHD dictionaries and thesauri
  • USB connectivity enabling transfer of word lists to and from PC. Transferred words from PC can be read aloud
  • History option enabling retrieval of the last 80 reviewed words
  • Recognition of a wide range of standard printed font types and sizes (6-22 points, up to 8mm) , including inverted text on contrasting backgrounds (except red on white, white on red, blue on black and black on blue)
  • Recognition and automatic merging of hyphenated text
  • Virtual keyboard for manual word insertion or text editing (using the included stylus)
  • Auto-complete function when inserting words using the virtual keyboard
  • Interactive games for practicing and enhancing vocabulary using reviewed words list (History) or entire dictionary list
  • Right/Left handed compatible
  • Auto shut-off


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