Skoog interactive music device for iPad




Skoog works with iPad, so you can play, jam and create music like a rockstar. Just choose a song you love and get playing! The free Skoog app works with Apple Music, Spotify and other music streaming services. It automatically tunes your Skoog, so you learn as you play. It’s creative and fun – that’s what ‘musicplay’ is all about.

At home, Skoog is a fun way for families to explore sound and music together, with no need to master complicated music theory or playing techniques. In school, teachers and educators around the world love to bring learning to life with Skoog. In special education, for individuals with a disability, Skoob makes music accessible. Adjustable and intuitive, it’s so easy to get started.

In-depth video demo:

Skoog doesn’t require any previous musical skills or abilities. The user-friendly design makes it fun, inspiring and easy to use. Parents, teachers, and children, including those with disabilities, will really get to express themselves


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